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Backyard Bees of North America Poster

Backyard Bees of North America Poster

$30.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price

The backyard bees of North America poster displays over 130 different bee species (which is only 3% of all bee species in North America).  Each is pictured at 5x their actual size and they are grouped together roughly by family (except for the cuckoo bees). All bees are identified to genus, and their common names are given.  This poster is not intended to be a bee identification poster; even experts have a hard time identifying most bees to the species level without using a microscope.  This poster is 24" x 36" and will ship in a 2" x 26" poster tube.

Because multiple posters can be shipped together, additional posters are only an additional $15 each.

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